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Posted by Madhuresh on July 11, 2007

After classes today all the PGDBM students were asked to assemble in the auditorium at 4.30 pm.I was reluctant and didnt want to go i knew it would be some boring lecture. But couldnt help it had to go.So after having a nice sleep in the economics class(got used to old engineering habits) went to the audi.

Already people had occupied place,me and shashank occupied last row.Found 2 of my seniors and 3 professors on the dias.Prof Sai kumar quoted “today is world population day and we are gathered here to discuss about it.”

Its so amazing,everyday we have some day or other “mothers day”,”fathers day”….i know population is growing at alarming rates,but what are we supposed to do? Go on a Family Planning Program?However,I had no idea that this Session would teach me something that i never thought about,A coin always has two sides..

Then Economics mam came and started the regular “population of india is 1.1 BILLION”…..she continued with some more statistical data.I know the no’s are high(per hour 48,000) but what am i supposed to do???

I was eagerly waiting, would the door open i am out of this place..After 10 mins at last she concluded “its a cause of concern and we ought to do something fast”.

Then came Chary sir(Amazing sir,he teaches Accounting) he started with a bang “Young Fellow Mangers i agree to that the indian population is growing at alarming rates BUT WE NEED NOT PANIC AND TAKE DRASTIC MEASURES TO CONTROL IT”.I was stunned had no clue as to what was going on,No one knew what was happening there….Some ppl here ushering/giggling words and some where clapping…

He started giving arguments to his theory as in “Why do u think Indian/chinese Economy Booming?Why are MNC’s coming to india?Is it that in India they can make more many or we have suddenly got new technological advances compared to others?Is it that there is some new talent coming out?My dear friends one of main reasons is HUMAN RESOURCE.we have the man power!!”why did i never think of this?? why is it tat i always saw the negative sides of such a high population?

he then continued saying that there is lot of demand for indians everywhere be it US,UK,AUST…..However saying this doesnt mean u can be one of them.There is a lot of competition among ourselves.he concluded saying we have to monitor the growth not control it cos it is our strenght.

Followed him where some other prof’s but i wasnt listening at all..i was thinking, lost in my own thoughts.The power of the population was so high and then struk me a thought if i take 1 rupee from each indian,i would become a BILLIONAIRE!!! Just a rupee…rite

The whole point of writing this experience is that MBA doesnt teach you as in how to do this.how to do that..it changes the way you think.Even though its only a week but i feel the difference in the way i think..

Just got back from movie DIE HARD 4.0(four point zero) gives a techie feeling to it as in a software.

post in your comments as this is my first post would love to hear from all of you as to what you thought abt it…keep visiting.Chao!Maddy


15 Responses to “WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF SPACE!!!”

  1. arsenict said

    Nice way to kick things off mate! Unlike many other things in life, your post made me think for a while. 😀
    First comment on your blog, so you owe me one. BIGTIME! 😉
    Cheers and keep scribbling!

  2. Rahul said

    Yes. Management courses help you with perspectives.

  3. Pratyusha said


    Nice beginning!

    Keep blogging 🙂

  4. butitrained said

    all of u i really thank you for posting ur views…

    rohit man thanks again and yes i owe u a big one..the feeling of reading 1st comment feels really amazing..

    keep visiting………

  5. Anurag said

    Awe inspiring…

  6. Dinesh Challa said

    so you are going to beg one rupee from every indian??
    nice idea. good thinking.
    was just kidding.
    awesome job. it was great.keep it up

  7. Ani said

    Nice blog dude.. hope to see a lot of blogs in future.. its a very gud habit.. nourish it.

  8. Pavan said

    Hey good one for a start. I really liked it, very interesting but I think you should be a little more detailed abt how population helps the country.
    One more thing I would suggest is to check your article before you post it, I think having mistakes would distract the focus of the person reading it.
    Thanks to you, I really think I should start writing soon. 🙂

  9. ssprr said

    mama.. lets start off and become billionaires…. ;D

  10. Hey Madhuresh!

    Finally I get around to posting comment 😛

    Like I already told you on phone, I like the informal style of writing. I hate people who make me go to the dictionary to understand what they’re saying. I’m very particular about spelling and punctuation though 🙂

    About the article, India might have the man power, but our unorganised, corrupt government seems pretty incapable of converting it into a resource, don’t you think?

    Keep writing!

  11. And oh yeah, Die Hard 4 rules!

  12. alpesh said

    a very good starting & continued it impressively. keep it up. u r right there, mba is not just how to do or approach things but changes the mind of a person, how to think over a goal & to achieve it………….the way u should reach it through diff means.

  13. sagarika said

    Hey Madhuresh, interesting blog! Yes, I remember that session and I was very impressed with Chary Sir too.

    Keep blogging!

  14. Pavan said

    No more blogs ?!?!?! What happened ??

  15. shashank said

    hey maddy, nice start.interesting blog!but i still would side with eco mam rather than chary sir.this for the simple reason that in countries with huge population like india and china the problems related to it like unemployment,education among others are also magnified, our resources remaining constant.for example our unemployment rate stands somewhere around 6% which is much less than most african and other under developed countries, but when u put it in numbers it is huge, perhaps bigger than population of many countries. In such cases these people become liabilities rather than being asset to the country, all these leading to extra pressure being put on the available resources,which are scarce.And what happens 30 to 50 years later,we perhaps will be the nation with highest no. of old ppl.In that case we will be worse of than what japan is today.So i think population is still a major concern for us.

    and ya mba does have an impact on ur thinking but not necessarily change it.maybe it gives a new dimension to the way we think.

    keep blogging!

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