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A New Beginning…..

Posted by Madhuresh on August 11, 2007

On 25th july at 2am as i was just about to open the door something struck me!!A realisation that for the first time in my life i had not “CRIED” at the airport.Generally very emotional,cannot control or hide emotions especially when a freind so close to my heart was leaving.However,today was different it was not that i had controlled myself,i just wasnt feeling any emotions that very moment.In past few friends close to me kept telling “We see a different madhuresh”,never had i really concentrated on those line but now i realise!!!!Realise that….

“i have really changed”,i was still at the door wondering whether this change is for the good or the bad!!The whole scene of dinesh leaving and then pavan,rajini and most importantly seshu getting emotional had again rebuild and in the corner i was standing without any expression.

Asking myself questions like “why had i not become emotional?have i really changed so much?” i entered the room.A few steps ahead came the answer “For me this guy loved challenges and in US  he would get plenty of them.Pretty sure and confident that he would take things to a newer horizon far beyond than i have even dreamed off..It was a NEW BEGINNING”.

This Beginning was not only for him for all of us,yes all pavan,som,sheshu ani and me.


4 Responses to “A New Beginning…..”

  1. Ani said

    dude… i think emotions are wat u get from ur heart, they dont come, stop or null. They dont have a reason for which u can analyze and name it something later… We can spend days talking about the tricks of the mind and the heart.
    A good start for your philosophical section… but take care you think more in detail about these.
    BTW wat all i am commenting here is only regarding ur thinking about the emotions, not anything related to the see-off of dinesh @ airport.

  2. Dinesh said

    hey maddy nice to see you are being philosophical. but the best part is that u giving compliment to me. hehe just kidding. but yeah ani is exactly rite .i agree to wad ever he said. but nice to see you not being very emotional and being strong. continue the same. have a great future ahead. take care.

  3. shashank said

    hhmmmmm!!!!interesting.maddy getting philosophical.ya ur right.its a new begining for all of us.Yes nice to see u strong and not getting emotional easily, but u should let it out whenever u feel it because holding it back does no good to u.

    first general then philosophical.what next?
    nice job.keep up the good work.
    keep blogging!!!!

  4. neethi said

    hey maduresh..its good to be strong man!!and i think its time too….we’r not kids anymore…even though we wished we cud still hold our mum’s pallu(at least i do!!)but gud blog man…keep updating wen u hav time….

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