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Can somebody hear me?

Posted by Madhuresh on December 29, 2007


Respected god,
where have you been? Your heavenly abode has turned into a room full of chaos, people are dying and you make them say that everything is happening for the good. I can see the end of your world. A petty man like me one of your creation, where are you when I am notifying you to come and put some sense and morality in the minds of the people, did you make them such compassionless beings or they just became, I guess you would say they became such beings, what is the meaning of your existence then, if you do not control your beings I am pretty sure, the child that was running around in the park yesterday, probably just begging for a candy or an ice-cream had not seen Ur, wrath unfurl on her and you make people say that good she is closer to you now, hey. Just explain this to me then why give life to such a being at all if you have to take her away, even before she knew what death was? And why give her such pains when you are a formulator of easier deaths, I really am starting to have my doubts that u r intentions are devious or else why deploy such devilish ploys. Were you the one with special powers who on the fateful morning of 26th December 2004, swept away thousands and lakhs of us beings I am pretty sure it was you, and what about the 3 plane crashes on september 11th 2001 to take away more of your people and gave their families pain in return might as well take them away.
I guess you have started to think that we are toys to play with but do not rate our love for each other so lowly, we love and we love unlike you. Rather try taking away such devilish men than people who really care, one last thing I would like to share, please come and start establishing your presence because People like me are starting to think that really you aren’t even there.Tsunami effect(Do not pass on content can be unfriendly).

(Creation of my frustration)

Prasenjit Banerjee. 

I thank prasan for such amazing article.Hope you guys liked it.Care to put in your comments.Its been a while since i blogged,i am keeping me busy these days.So many things to write So little time….Keep watching this space


One Response to “Can somebody hear me?”

  1. Dinesh Challa said

    Dude this one is awesome. I just loved it. I have exactly same thoughts from my seventh class. I even have doubt on existence of god. I think every one should think this way and start helping each other. Lets make a difference and make a point that we are not toys of god(if god exists). I think every one should stop thinking of god, religion, caste, color, etc., whatever and start helping each other and make world beautiful. I raise my hand for it. Now its your turn..

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