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I wish…my life was more happier!!!

Posted by Madhuresh on February 23, 2009

I was wondering that why are we crying all the time?? I was reading across a book and found that the Problem, i believe, the essential issue with humankind, the reason we are all always at some level or another pissed off, is REALITY SUCKS!!!!

No, no, really, hear me out. Animals don’t have the same problem because, hey, face it, no matter how much your dog chases balls in his sleep, he’s not dreaming about how great life would be if something were a little different. He’s okay, really, with his schedule-scratch, eat, sleep. How wrong could you go with that? He’s not in line for promotion and there isn’t this list of things he wants to get done before he’s 25, because he will be a lucky dog if he lives to see sixteen.

Now people, since we evolved from cavemen and all, have issues. We tend to think that if so-and so (or such-and-such) were totally different our lives would be perfect. How many times have so many of us said ‘It’s not fair!’ or     ‘why (not) me?’ Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you get a chance to make that change, live your fantasy as it were. And still, nine times out of ten, it’s not enough. It’s never blood enough. We’re greedy as a species, and at the same time a little pathetic because, well, we’re always searching for something or the other outside of our everyday lives. And, really who are the people we admire? We admire movie stars. People who seem to have their shit together. And who makes the most money? Plastic surgeons, for one, and therapists. And, again people in the entertainment industry. Anyone who makes reality look a little less real. True story.

You want one thing , you work hard (beg, borrow steal) and get that thing. But as soon as its clear u are getting it you start searching for what’s next? Instead of enjoying. We all want perfect lives. But let me remind  that “No system is perfect in this world”. Every plus has a minus. That’s a rule for anything. PROBABLY ONLY RULE WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

Now only way to bring peace in your life is cry less and enjoy more. I know its impossible not to cry, cause common lets face it. We are a FUCKING JEALOUS species. We want what others are having. And it should be like that. Else imagine a world without DREAMS. So keep DREAMING. but when u achieve that dream. ENJOY IT…

Waiting for comments.

Take care


One Response to “I wish…my life was more happier!!!”

  1. kinnera said

    There is anger in your tone but as you said i think you have calmed down 🙂

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