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Where am i???

Posted by Madhuresh on February 23, 2009

Its been a long time that i have been here well things are moving at a very fast pace n i feel i am doing nothing just nothing,everyone asks me Wat keeps u so busy wat r u upto these days are u really working so hard.. well yes i am busy true but how fruitfuly i am utilizing the time i myself do not know i am not at all doing things which i am suppose to do i do have a lot of time apart from the work that keeps me busy but the free time passes away with a wink of an eye,many ppl have already told me that the work i am doing is not gone take me any where i dunno whether its true or not but i still hope that wat i do will some way or the other help me but then y the feeling that the time, the ppl around me are running at a speed faster than light n i look at them as if i am stationary i feel i am running that too as the fastest pace then y do i feel that im not able to cope up i really do not have an answer to this

I am in a situation where in i am stopping myself from wat i wanna tell a particular person i actually do not care wat ppl will say after i tell him/her a thing but then y am i hesitating i am really really confused re well there was a time wen i used to be least bothered abt anything then came the time where in i felt i have the right to know everything now i feel am i poking my nose and hence i back off..

I know its very vague post but lots of things going on in my mind,mixed feelings,confused thoughts,restlessness n wat not i really dunno wats ahead. Every morning i hope that today ill start fresh but the aftermaths of wat happened the earlier days prevent me to do so, now i feel like forget abt achieving the aim im soon gone loose the sight of it also soon n with the fear of doing this im running hard to get closer to it well at times i feel im runing after an illusion

thats it4 now who ever is reading plz post the comments it might help me out..
bye 4 now


One Response to “Where am i???”

  1. sagarika said

    hey…..this post was very vague and rambling. Looks like ur not quite sure what you want to write about.

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