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The magical expression

Posted by Madhuresh on May 31, 2009

In today’s busy schedule everyone is busy with their own challenges and in the bargain we hardly have any time to appreciate a good work done by others.

In less than fifteen minutes after checking in, my friend would have picked up the phone at least four time and blasted the hotel staff in front office, bell desk and room service. And all this for some silly reasons like why my bag has still not come, why the coffee has not yet been sent. I was wondering what went wrong with him and that’s when he clarifies that he had learnt a trick that works very well. He explained, “As soon as you check in at a hotel if you find some reason and fire them then they will provide special attention throughout your stay.” It was true and for the next two days he was getting ‘Royal’ Treatment wherever he went in the hotel. And finally, when he was checking out the duty manager promptly came to him and was enquiring if everything was fine in a very apologetic way. I could see my friend blushing at the treatment given to him. I am sure one would have seen a sigh of relief in staff’s face after my friend’s departure. For a moment I put myself in the shoes of the hotel staff. How miserable I would feel handling even a few customers day in, day out. If we look beyond their stylish dressing and flashy smile, I am sure, we will find a lot of agony.

A few weeks later I had a totally contrasting experience. I was traveling by air with a senior doctor. Minutes before the flight landed, the air-hostess extended a feedback form and requested me to give my feedback. I, as usual took less than a second to say “No”. She thanked me and extended the form to the doc. As soon as she left he asked me “Are you unhappy with the service provided by the crew?” I said, “Oh no! Why should I be unhappy?” He further enquired, “Then why should you not express your satisfaction through the feedback form.” Pat came my reply “Well, I am not used to all this, I normally do not feel like doing it.”

He then said,  “In today’s busy schedule everyone is busy with their own challenges and in the bargain we hardly have any time to appreciate a good work done by others. These are the opportunities where, in less than five minutes, I can pen down a few words of appreciation for someone who did a good job. It may not be a great value add for me, but imagine the huge positive impact it can make on the crew when they get to read a positive feedback about them. To me, that is of paramount importance.”

By reflex my hand went up to press the help button and asked the air-hostess to get a feedback form. That was probably the first time I was filling a feedback form with honesty. I am sure they liked it and they are looking forward for bringing me on board next time.

Since then, I make conscious efforts to give at least a few words of appreciation to whoever I meet. I could notice a genuine, happy smile on people’s face when I give them those few words of appreciation. It is really a great experience. I may not be get the ‘royal’ treatment my friend gets, but whatever I get I know is the ‘real’ treatment and I enjoy every moment of that.

A magical expression

A magical expression

Appreciation – I realized that this one small magical expression is so powerful and giving that to others not only makes the receiver happy, but looking at the receivers’ response the giver feels really wonderful..


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