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Blast from the past!!

Posted by Madhuresh on May 31, 2010

Do we really want to know the past??

Often we ask others about their past relationships but are we ready for the answers? Why does one want to hear about the past and not respect the feelings behind or associated with those.

Is it not true that most of us want to know what happened?  But don’t really bother on why those things happened. I wonder most of the time, is it necessary to know what happened Coz past is past. It ain’t coming back. Can’t we let it be secret, somewhere closed in our memories, in our thoughts.

I went so deep into thinking and somewhere i got lost and couldn’t remember how my thoughts had led me to this question “Should anyone have any secrets to himself ?”. People have secrets because either they don’t want to face truth or they are embarrassed by the fact or too worried thinking of what will happen if others come to know.

It is clear from life experienced up till now that we all have a choice to make.  Whatever we choose reflects our personality..

I know this article is very random and it’s not making sense to me at all. Started with things about past, then got lost somewhere only to get more confused and return to secrets and then the conclusion was even more strange moving onto “choice”

If only i wasn’t lazy so as to write down at that moment, things would have been much clearer to me and to all of you. For a long time now, I have been trying to put words to thoughts, the most difficult part is that even before one completes the sentence you forget what you had thought.

It would be great if you could add somethings to make this post clearer. Things like how could I have jumped from one point to another.

So please feels free to comment..


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