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Down under!!!

Posted by Madhuresh on September 9, 2012

The first thing which comes to mind when i think about Melbourne is the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). What a lovely ground!!! Whenever Indian cricket team tours Australia i can just hope that we secure a win. Very few teams win a test match at the M.C.G..Something that Indian team miss.

This blog entry of mine is inspired from the experiences that were shared by a friend on his trip to Melbourne. Few things which i really love to do when i visit the city someday in my life

First and foremost would be “The Balloon Flight”

Its a kind of flight where in one does not fly but floats. I have traveled many times in a closed compartment above the sky but always wanted to experience flying. Slowly and steadily as the balloon first gathers pace and then as you go up things start getting smaller and smaller. A balloon flight will get a panoramic picture of life from a birds eye.


One of the most exotic destinations for surfing is Melbourne. Surfing reminds me of the animation movie “SURF-UP”. Surfing is a sport where you are surrounded by water but do not get wet (Ideally!!!)

Walk while you talk or talk when you walk?

Though this popular advertisement by Idea cellular limited very neatly puts on the concept of walking while talking had a lot of liking but when i tried it never worked. However when i saw the pics of my friend walking around the park, i realized its actually possible to walk and talk with someone special and not worry about many things


Mr friend told me about how this city rewards unpaid creativity. He found innumerable unpublished handmade magazine left lying around in different places in the city, made for only the mere pleasure of writing and drawing and the promise of public pleasure.

With the photographic tour of Melbourne just makes me add one more places i would love to visit. ..

P.S thanks Rahul for the lovely pictorial way of saying “it’s your time to visit Melbourne NOW!”. I will definitely come down…

Incase some one is curious just visit www.visitmelbourne.com/in for more information.


2 Responses to “Down under!!!”

  1. Balloon flight indeed is a must for travelers to Melbourne.
    Good wishes.

  2. Nirvana said

    Hmm….. never knew about ‘Zines’ …. thank you for the information. All the best!


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