pondering life….

life thru my eyes..

Wanna Know abt me?

Thaats me

Maddy aka Motu,Bull,Bank……Madhuresh

A Hyderabadi Gujju. Total Foodiee,i like eating and cooking(strictly Vigaterian)

My favourite pass time is penning down my thoughts,either bloging or writing shayaris.According to me the journey of life can be described as

“Zindagi key har mod pe sunhari yadon ka ehsas rahane do,

Surur dil me juban par mithas rahane do,

bus yahi fal-safa hai jine ka

na khud udas raho na dosro ko udas rehne do”

My friends and family are top most priority and can do anything( that is not wrong acc my principles)  for them

I hate changes and take time to adjust to change.


As for me, i have been playing jazz drums at a novice level, soccer is mah fav sports and Manchester united is my fav team.
currently working at shah book house. So incase any one of you need any books let me know..there is lot of margin..so dont worry i m sure u will get it much cheaper….

i pass my time by playing computer games, making websites, writing blog..and latest addition to my hobbie list is MAKING VIDEO’s…I guess shud start making documentaries soon..who know i might win some award…hehe…I love business and BOOKS.


You can Contact me At shahimadhur@gmail.com


One Response to “Wanna Know abt me?”

  1. Amrnath said

    Dear Madhuresh,

    I have been through your blog and it’s really good. The way you have written is commendable.

    I appreciate you taking time to pen your thoguhts …

    CVR 2006 passed out.

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